Privacy Policy

Visiting a new place for spending a vacation is always a matter of a great enjoyment. But, if you choose an unauthentic place for spending your days in Belize, the enjoyment would be ruined. It’s highly important to choose a guesthouse that ensures the privacy and details of their customers will be secure and protected. Here, at ‘Tree Tops Belize’, we are truly concerned about the privacy of our clients. In order to take the best care of our clients’ details, we have designed some policies. Before providing your details, you are requested to read the policies carefully.

For understanding the clients’ requirement and for providing them with a satisfactory service, we ask them to provide us with their details. They can give this information just by filling out a form.

What are the details that we require from our clients?

We don’t use cookies. At here, we ask the details of our clients to provide them with a customer-friendly service. Here are the details that we require:

But, no matter whatever the condition is, we never use the details of our customers for promotional purposes.

How we use, maintain and protect the data

We take the best care of our customers’ details. As these details may contain the banking information of the clients, we take the best precaution to keep the data protected

We keep the data in a secured database and only some trustworthy persons have the access to it. In order to prevent malware attack, we use the database that is scanned with antivirus. We don’t share this information with the third party or any other promotional source.

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